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At north end of Northpark Drive, on border with Indian land
This photo can also be seen at the top of Part 1 of the Saga.
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Video City opened up on Northpark Drive in a shopping center to fill the void left when the local movie theater went out of business in 1996. The place has video games, movie rentals, even an indoor miniature golf course. The Rialto reopened years later.

Rialto (Winslow) Theater Northpark Drive, Winslow, Arizona
PHOTO NAME: snow87.jpg
State Route 87, Coconino National Forest

On the way to Winslow from Mesa, the altitude of SR 87 climbs in fits and starts. About 2/3 of the way up there starting in the mid-autumn, you can see snow in some of the higher elevations. Carl took this photo on the way back from what turned out to be his final visit with Denise Gottlieb. This snapshot is regarded as perhaps the last photo of the Saga era.

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